Even the competition knew how cool McDonald's Halloween Buckets were

1994 Hardee’s Halloween Buckets

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Even the competition knew how cool McDonald’s Halloween Buckets were. Enter 1994 Hardee’s Halloween Buckets. These buckets are definitely not a rip off of the McDonald’s buckets, which clearly have the most character. Hardee’s Halloween buckets came with food and held candy. These happen to also glow in the dark …

McDonald’s Halloween Happy Meal: 1991 McBoo Bags

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In 1991 McDonald’s nodded to our favorite orange pumpkin McBoo by naming their Halloween Happy Meal premiums that year after him – three vinyl, glow-in-the-dark plastic bags. What’s kind of funny is there aren’t any pumpkins! There’s a witch (green bag), Franken-kid (orange bag) and a ghost (purple bag).