1993 McDonald’s Halloween

1993 McDonald’s Halloween Happy Meal: McNugget Buddies

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1993 McDonald’s Halloween Happy Meal premiums: Not buckets, but Halloween McNugget Buddies! There are six to collect in all, each a unique looking McNugget coming with it’s own costume, that can be mixed and matched.

1993 McDonald’s Halloween

The 1993 McDonald’s Halloween Mcnugget buddies are the first of the Halloween-themed happy meal toys. They are:

  1.  McBoo McNugget, dressed in a ghost sheet and black hat with pink flowers and a black cat
  2. McNuggula McNugget, dressed in a Dracula cape with medallion, black hair and a bat
  3. Monster McNugget, dressed as the Frankenstein monster
  4. Mummie McNugget, dressed as a mummy with a spider on top
  5. Pumpkin McNugget, dressed as a grinning jack-o-lantern
  6. Witchie McNugget, dressed as a witch with a black cape, hat, and purple hair
1993 McDonald’s Halloween

Each McNugget buddy wore individual expressions, had different eyebrows, eye colors, and even apparently, genders. Mummie and Witchie McNugget both have long eyelashes, which McNuggula has sharp vampire teeth. Monster McNugget, aka Frankenstein’s Monster, has sleepy looking eyes with dark blue eyelids.

They’re special, just like you and me, reader. I was the type of child who would have made sure each McNugget Buddy was back in her or his proper costume every time I finished playing with them.

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