The Worst Witch

Halloween Specials: The Worst Witch

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Here we are, our first go at Halloween Specials, and it’s a classic: The Worst Witch!

I grew up in the thick of the 1980’s and absolutely love Halloween specials. All holiday specials really. To me they meant it was full throttle time… stores weren’t putting Halloween costumes out in August then and by the time the specials aired, it was most definitely almost go time. Time to get dressed up and trick or treat.

Things have not changed much now that I’m a grown Jen. The days of young Jen, during the month of September and October, were spent thinking about what I wanted to be (a tough decision for an 8 year old, no?), how I was going to display my hulking collection of 1986 and on McDonald’s pumpkin pails, how my Bayshore cat and pumpkin looked to cars driving by in the front window and how authentic kite string “spiderweb” hung from the ceiling would feel to my innocent victims.

Nowadays I have a partner in crime, and we sit around and think of scary things to build. The costumes are already out but they aren’t as inspiring as the old boxed to me… and there is rarely a Halloween special on.

Let me slide off my soapbox and get to it, one of my favorite specials ever…

The Worst Witch

This special aired on HBO a lot around Halloween. I never thought much about it but I suppose it is a girly sort of flick. Fortunately that quadruples the awesome. Read on for a summary and then I’ll give ya the goods.

The Worst Witch
The Worst Witch: There she is. The worst witch. Look at her. Jesus she can’t do anything right.

To sum it up: Mildred (Fairuza Balk, adorable) is the worst witch, ever.

The Worst Witch: Tabby and friends.

 She has a faithful friend called Maude who sort of believes in her. Even Mildred’s cat Tabby is different.

The Worst Witch
The Worst Witch: Ms. Hardbroom is such a bitc…OHH DEAR GOD.

Her teacher is a huge bitch, and seems to single Mildred out whilst encouraging the raging nag that is Ethel Hallow.

The Worst Witch
The Worst Witch: Ethel is never off her period.

Ethel is the smarter, popular girl. She does everything perfectly well and everyone loves her, or at least has a healthy respect of saving their own necks by not crossing her.

Mrs. Garrett is there. Some shit goes down (inside the academy and out!) and guess who has to save the day?

The Worst Witch
The Worst Witch: Anything can happen on Halloween. Like me molesting Tim Curry.

Oh, and Tim Curry… disco… cape… tambourine… ridiculous amounts of hot.

Now… Click, watch and enjoy!

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