Halloween Special: The Halloween That Almost Wasn’t

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Here’s a personal favorite of mine, if not my all time favorite Halloween special. When I had it on VHS it was titled, “The Halloween That Almost Wasn’t”, but was later re-titled, “The Night That Dracula Saved The World”.

The original title makes oodles more sense, which you’re aware of if you’ve seen this little gem. If you haven’t, boy do I recommend it! Drama, suspense, Judd Hirsch as Count Dracula, a zombie that doesn’t moan about brains constantly, and wait for it…

A Disco.

Spoiler alert: Dracula won’t be saving the world. The title was changed but that wasn’t.

Judd “Drac-u-l’oy! Hirsch overhears Igor watching the news.
Pumpkin carving dad and son, watching the same news.
Mom and daughter, getting ready for Halloween even though the news is fucking tell them it’s not happening.

Plot twist: This awfully nice American family lives in Transylvania and has the same cable package as Dracula at the castle. Here they are watching the news and explaining Halloween to the kids. They’re also concerned that Halloween is no more, but that doesn’t stop them from carving pumpkins and getting dressed up. What enthusiasm! Maybe they’re Canadian.

The Wolfman. He’s tough. Business-casual tough.

Dracula calls for the high-ups in the monster world to meet at the castle to see just why things are so caddywhompus.

The zombie doing what a zombie should… Walking slowly with his arms straight out.
The Mummy! His part is for comic relief when shit gets too real.
The witch. Turns out she’s sick and tired of being the only sister & would like to see some changes instituted.
Who the fuck keeps closing this door

They all gather and well, the witch is behind all this no more Halloween nonsense. Dracula won’t play nice and what follows is 15 minutes of monsters rubbing up against each other, trying to break into a private home, and more. It’s fantastic!


The boys get into the witch’s place, but can they convince her to do the right thing? Will she get what she wants? Does the wolfman smell like cheap vodka and a couch?

Disco like it’s Halloween 1979

Watch it for the first time, or again…. because it ends with leisure suits and suggestive mummy pelvic thrusting.

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