1997 McDonald’s Halloween Happy Meal Prizes: Jungle Book Nerds Candy Dispensers

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1997 McDonald’s Halloween Happy Meal Prizes Jungle Book Nerds Candy Dispensers. Here’s a weird and kind of anti-climactic Halloween Happy Meal premium: Disney’s Jungle Book (the 1967 animated feature was coming out on VHS 30 years after its theatrical release) candy dispensers. The toys came with a little box of Nerds candies.

1997 McDonald's Halloween

The six available toys were:

  1. Baloo with Bananas
  2. Hathi, Jr. with closed eyes
  3. Bagheera
  4. King Louie
  5. Kaa wrapped around a tree
  6. Mowgli with Coconuts and a tree
1997 McDonald's Halloween

Even though these aren’t Halloween themed except maybe for the inclusion of a Nerds candy treat, the restaurant display does wish children a happy Halloween. These 1997 McDonald’s Halloween Jungle Book toys definitely were not scary in 1997, but imagine twenty-some years later when you’re buying them on Ebay or Etsy. They’re still in those little plastic bags and those Nerds are able to legally drink in the United States.


I would not recommend eating 25+ year old candy, of course. Maybe instead, dust off your VCR and pop in your copy of the Jungle Book from 1997. Make sure to track and get those lines out of there! I hope you remembered to rewind. Pick up a new pack of Nerds and gather around for a non-Halloween Halloween treat.

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