Carnival Ticket Booth

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This 3 paneled cube was also the basis for our “Amazing Gorilla Machine” scene. It makes a great concept for any place a crate or rickety sort of booth is required, it allows for easy tear down and storage and assembles quickly. The carnival ticket booth is extremely light and portable and is where we hand out our candy during Trick or Treat. It is free standing and mostly sturdy, although it may require tying or weighting in the event of high winds.

Materials used to create the carnival ticket booth:

6 6′ 2″x 2″ boards
6 4′ 2″x 2″ boards
1 4′ 1’x 4″ board
2 large fabric bed sheets (approximately 6′ x 4′ each)
1 smaller fabric sheet (approximately 4′ x 3′)
Staple Gun
1 3’x 4′ sheet of hardware cloth
drywall screws or other self tapping screws
4 1/4″ diameter 5″ long carriage bolts
4 washers
4 nuts 24 truss plates (or mending plates) for 2×2 planks (you can actually cut this down to 12 if cost is an issue)
Latex Paint (mixed 1 to 1 with water to create a wash) 

To begin, the side and front frames are assembled using 2 of the 6′ 2x2s joined to 2 of the 4′ 2x2s using 2 mending strips in each of the corners to form a rectangular frame. If mending plates are not available you can substitute anything to get those corners joined together.


Measure approximately 11″ from the top and bottom of what will be your front face and drill a 1/4″ hole through the middle of each 2×2. Measure the same distance on the side face of what will be your 2 side panels and drill the hole again.

Now is a good time to paint your frames to your carnival ticket booth with the color wash, it gives it a nice rustic look.

 Once your paint is dried to the touch staple the large fabric pieces to the sides to create tight clean panels. Also attach the smaller piece to the bottom half of the front panel.


Using some self-tapping screws, attach the 4′ 1×4 at the center of the front panel. This should make a sort of “counter” for the front of the carnival ticket booth. I painted ours purple.

Paint your sides using the latex paint wash (you could use pre-made carnival style material, I suppose, but in the interest of cost, we used old bed-sheets).

 After the sides and front fabrics are dried sufficiently attach a side to the front using 2 of the 1/4″ carriage bolts, washers and nuts. Once attached, repeat with the other side.


If you’re like me, you overestimate your size and underestimate your materials, therefore you have to cut little blocks and drill holes in them to get the abnormally long carriage bolts you purchased to work with your frames.

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