2022 McDonald’s Halloween Buckets – The Classics Return!

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The masses have spoken (loudly, and for years) and McDonald’s finally gave us the vintage style Halloween Happy Meal buckets we’ve been clamoring for. I rather enthusiastically introduce you to the 2022 McDonald’s Halloween Buckets.

2022 McDonald's Halloween Buckets

There are 3 buckets, each with 3 faces. 

2022 McDonald's Halloween Buckets McWitch/McGoblin

The first, formerly known as McWitch, is now McGoblin. It’s a green bucket with 3 expressions and witch hat “lid”. 


The second is called McPunk’n, but features the face of the original McGoblin. Orange bucket with traditional style “lid”.


The last is McBoo. The old McBoo was an orange bucket with an eerie OOOOO face. The 2022 McBoo is actually the old McGhost. This bucket is white and does not glow in the dark, like the 1990 McGhost does. It also sports the traditional style “lid”.

We actually went without buckets for 6 years. The last pail promo during Halloween for McDonald’s was 2016’s Great Pumpkin buckets

A lot of people are complaining that the new buckets don’t have lids, but the last year for lids was 1999, which were cookie cutter lids atop a white bucket and an orange bucket.

I appreciate these buckets as I think they pay homage to the old school buckets of the 1980s and 1990s. Being a purist I have to point out these liberties taken with names and faces, but I still really enjoyed this premium. I hope they’ll try to outdo themselves for 2023 based on the positive response.

So are you going to attempt to score all 3 2022 McDonald’s Halloween Buckets?

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