A Halloween Fence Dilemma

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So we have a very large yard to fence off.  We’re talking 50 feet in length.  Our neighbors have always been unknowingly nice enough to throw away some of that 3′ garden fence, and while we set up in the front yard, that was always plenty.

This year, the Halloween haunt is going in the backyard, and our 3′ garden fence is only long enough to wrap around the front of the cemetery.  This left the whole edge of the yard exposed.

We quick started pricing PVC, figuring we’d make a fence out of that, like so many other haunters have.  It always looks really great, but we don’t really have the time nor the cash to buy all the supplies, paint the PVC, etc.

So I thought, and thought some more, when it finally came to me:  Plastic chain!

We have a couple of pallets in the garage.  We’re gonna pull them apart and place wooden ‘poles’ in the ground every (however many) feet.  From there, we’ll either attach or run chain through them with a little swag on the links.  Think of a chain and concrete pole type deal near a lake or something.  Or just look at the picture here on the left.

The more I thought about it, the more I really liked the idea.  So I went on the hunt for plastic chain.

Well, turns out, it’s actually harder to find than you’d think.  I checked Lowess and Home Depot and neither had much.  That’s when I stumbled across http://www.mrchain.com/.

I looked around and sure enough, they had chain.  I was a bit nervous to order from them as I’d never heard of them before.  They’ve got chains in every size and color you can think of.  We were almost prepared to buy about 50′ at $.60 a foot when I noticed a “close out” link.


Mind you I was still nervous about ordering from some place I’d never heard of, and I wasn’t sure this chain was by the foot and blah blah blah.  Oh, and it also has no photo, so the color “gold” was left to our imagination.  We joked that it could be anything from kindergarten yellow to super shiny bling.

We placed the order.  They processed and shipped it all in the same day.  It arrived via UPS super fast (from Michigan to where we are in Ohio) and the color is PERFECT!

It’s like an aged bronze color.  The invoice calls it “Old Gold”, and I’m tickled pink.  60′ of chain cost us $15.50 out the door, shipping and all.

This is a closeout, though, so if you want some, might wanna jump on it now.  Here’s where you can find it:  http://mrchain.com/-close-outs/2-gold-chain-discontinued.

ETA 6/14/2010: Here’s a shot of the chain in action!  Click it, gets heap big.

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