1994 McDonald’s Halloween Happy Meal

1994 McDonald’s Halloween Happy Meal: Pumpkin, Witch, Ghost Pails

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In the year between McNugget Buddies and Cassette tapes, the 1994 McDonald’s Halloween Happy Meal had some really cool bucket designs!

The three designs introduced for Halloween 1994 were an orange pumpkin with a goofy face and a green lid, a white ghost pail with white lid, and a purple witch with a black lid. The art and facial styles are very different from the originals this year, as they are more cartoon like.

1994 McDonald’s Halloween Happy Meal

The Orange pumpkins, white ghosts, and purple witch buckets all featured cookie-cutter lids. These can be removed from the rest of the lid and used to make cookies. The green pumpkin lid’s cutter was a pumpkin shape. The ghost cutter was a ghost, and the witch cut a cat’s face. Cookie cutters are an interesting addition to the buckets, but could also be considered something else to lose. These were for children, after all. 1994 was the second year the buckets featured cookie cutters, as they first appeared on the 1992 Halloween Happy Meal buckets.

1994 McDonald’s Halloween Happy Meal

Overall, I think the 1994 McDonald’s Halloween Happy Meal buckets carried the line nicely. I still like that the witch was purple, a departure from her normal green hue. The buckets were available in McDonald’s restaurants from October 7 – 27, 1994, and boasted tighter-fitting lids and better durability.

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