1995 McDonald’s Halloween

1995 McDonald’s Halloween Happy Meal: Figures & Cassettes

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Here are the kids’ meal toy premiums for the 1995 McDonald’s Halloween Happy Meal, 4 different cassette tapes and 4 familiar McDonaldland friends with clip-on Halloween costumes.

The 1995 McDonald’s Halloween premiums were not buckets, but rather 4 cassette tapes and 4 McDonaldand figures. The cassette tapes come in a cardboard sleeve, and the 4 figures all come with clip-on Halloween costumes. Judging by the shape of the figures and their little plastic costumes, I’d think the costumes are interchangeable.

1995 McDonald’s Halloween
  1. Ronald Makes It Magic Magical Radio Cassette
  2. Travel Tunes Magical Radio Cassette
  3. Silly Sing Along Magical Radio Cassette
  4. Scary Sound Effects Magical Radio Cassette
  5. Hamburglar in a spider costume
  6. Grimace in a ghost costume
  7. Ronald McDonald in a Frankenstein monster costume
  8. Birdie in a pumpkin costume
1995 McDonald’s Halloween

The cassette tapes were essentially sampler versions of four different albums available in stores by Kid Rhino/Rhino Records.

  • Tape 1: Side A – Look What’s on the Radio, Side B – Ronald Makes it Magic
  • Tape 2: Side A – Magic Funmobile, Side B – Putt-Putt-Chug-a-Chug Clank Clank Squeak
  • Tape 3: Side A – What am I Gonna Be for Halloween?, Side B – Aba Daba Honeymoon
  • Tape 4: Side A – I Like to Scare Myself, Side B – Sound Effects for you to Use

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