2023 McDonald's Halloween Buckets

2023 McDonald’s Halloween Buckets

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2023 McDonald’s Halloween Buckets! McDonald’s giveth and McDonald’s taketh away. You can’t have the good without the bad. Without the bitter, the sweet won’t taste as sweet. Well, you can take those to the bank, and while you’re there, grab enough cash for a 2023 McDonald’s Halloween Bucket happy meal!

That’s right. I’m instructing all you grown ups (probably very young Gen X, all Xennials, and I hope most millennials) to get your butts in gear starting October 17th, 2023. Two weeks to the day of Halloween, McDonald’s will be selling four new Halloween buckets.

2023 McDonald's Halloween Buckets

Buckets two years in a row, and sorry to anyone who may love Angry Birds or whatever, but classic style Halloween faces, not licensed characters. Whatever we did to deserve this, you’re welcome.

Like 2022s Happy Meal buckets, they don’t have a real lid but rather a thin piece of plastic shaped like the retro lids connected at two points on the carrying handle. Also included is a sticker sheet to make funny faces on that correspond with the character on the bucket.

2023 McDonald’s Halloween Buckets – The Lineup

You get a green Frankenstein’s Monster bucket with a curvy mouth, wonky eyes, hair, a stitched up head, and his neck bolts. The green bucket has historically belonged to McWitch, so Frankenstein’s Monster is sort of new for 2023. I say that because in 2011 McDonald’s sold a plain bucket with Frankenstein’s Monster stickers. His green handle matches his bucket.

A classic orange bucket (but not a pumpkin!) shows a skeleton with a three unique faces. With orange handle.

The white isn’t a ghost this year, another first, we’re getting a Mummy McDonald’s bucket! You see his heart-pupiled eyes and a single eyebrow, the rest of him is mysteriously wrapped in mummy rags. Carrying him with his white handle.

Rounding us out at number four is a vampire/Dracula bucket in purple. Dracula is also a new character in the McDonald’s Halloween bucket world, as the purple buckets were McWitch. Dracula is sporting his classic deep widows peak, sharp teeth, and thick eyebrows atop large eyes. His handle is black.

Also available on happymeal dot com were these Halloween activity pages.

I’m lovin’ it.

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  1. I was hoping for some costume nugget toys as the next act, but the boo buckets were very fun for my little ones last year. Should be another fun round of McDonald’s visits this October!

  2. Oh I got to agree with Chelsea on the costume nuggets. ANyway, I was only able to secure one of them last year. I am old enough to remember the originals. uh hmmm….I was happy they brought them back.

    Thanks for being here .

    `Master Crypt Keeper, Michelle

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