Wendy's Lionel Eerie Express

2002 Wendy’s Lionel Eerie Express Halloween Kids Meal Toys

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2002: Wendy’s fast food hamburger restaurants and Lionel team up to offer this cool set of 4 train vehicles, the Eerie Express!

Wendy's Lionel Eerie Express

The first of the Wendy’s Lionel Eerie Express trains is the engine, which is black with purple wheels. A skeleton peeks out one window, and the other window shows a yellow monster. One side of the engine has a rotating window that changes scenes as it is rolled forward. These scenes read “Eerie Express, “Boo”, “Beware”, and the last shows a pair of red and yellow eyes set in a green face.

A green coal car has a rotating top to turn the coal into a terrified looking mummy surrounded by bats.

The blue car is a passenger car, and has stickers showing what’s going on inside the windows (hint, it’s spooky).

Finally the little red caboose has stickers showing more monsters and a little wheel on top that rotates.

They are about six inches in length each, including connection points.

Wendy's Lionel Eerie Express

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