1993 Hardee’s & Roy Roger’s Halloween Buckets

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Hardee's & Roy Roger's Halloween

This Hardee’s & Roy Roger’s Halloween trick or treat pail featured all the monsters on one glow-in-the-dark bucket, and in their speech balloons they offered Halloween trick or treating safety tips. I wonder how many kids meals would have come in buckets had McDonald’s not pioneered the Halloween kids meals.

Frankenstein is saying, “Stay on the sidewalk and take along a flashlight!”
The witch: “Let an adult inspect your treat before you eat them.”
Black cat in a pumpkin says, “Follow Hardee’s [Roy Roger’s] Trick or Treat safety rules!” and “Wear bright reflective colors.”
Spooky ghost: “Make sure your costume doesn’t cover your face.”
Dracula wants you to, “Make sure you don’t trip over your costume.”

Kids, in reality, these monsters do not care about you. The witch wants you for a soup base. The cat, maybe he could be nice. The ghost? Nah, he’s jealous you’re alive. Frankenstein is Frankenstein. He might not smash you to pieces but also he doesn’t care if you stay on the sidewalk. Dracula is the worst of all. He just wants your blood. If you did trip over your costume, that’d make you an easy victim. Warning you to hike your pants up is not in Dracula’s best self-interest, so I’m calling shenanigans.

This 1993 Hardee’s & Roy Roger’s Halloween bucket was also branded Roy Roger’s, and came with an orange pumpkin lid with an open mouth. As a kid I would have rolled my eyes at the safety messages. As an adult, I still think they’re goofy and stupid.

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