1989 Burger King Tricky Treaters Halloween Kids Meal Toys

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This trio of 3 ghoulish little creatures were the Halloween kids meal prizes from Burger King in 1989 . The Burger King Tricky Treaters can be taken apart and put back together in any way your little heart desires. This enabled kids to create different monsters from all the parts. There were three of these little monsters in total.

Frankie Steen is a blue-faced Frankenstein style monster. He’s got black hair, red eyes, incision scars and bolts sticking out of his neck. He wears a pink shirt with green hands and chest. His pants are green and his shoes are white wraps.

Burger King Tricky Treaters

The next Burger King Tricky Treaters is Gourdy Goblin! Gourdy has a pumpkin for a head with a grinning jack-o-lantern face and yeah, even eyebrows. His hands and arms are pink, while his shirt is teal, his pants are blue, and his shoes are yellow.

Burger King Tricky Treaters

Finally, it’s your girl Zelda Zoombroom. She’s a witch with a sickly green face, a snaggle tooth and bright orange hair. She’s wearing a black jacket and her hands and chest are blue. Her bottom is orange.

Burger King Tricky Treaters

I did a bit of Google searching but didn’t turn up much at all about the origin of these characters. One Ebay listing referred to them as “Good Goblins” but I couldn’t find anything else out there to back up that title. If you know these are from a comic or a cartoon, please feel free to let me know in the comments. Thanks and happy Halloween!

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