2003 Burger King Halloween Hamtaro

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The 2003 Burger King “Big Kids” Halloween kids meal premiums were Hamtaro Little Hamsters, Big Adventures toys. There were 8 toys in all to collect.

Burger King Halloween Hamtaro

Each character is outfitted with a removable plastic Halloween disguise.

Penelope Ghost-Ham donned a white sheet and a little spider. Cappy Pumpkin-Ham wore an adorable little orange jack o lantern over his head. Boss Alien-Ham is wearing a green alien head and space ship. Oxnard Spider-Ham has his head peeking out of a spider outfit with orange spider web pumpkin. Bijou Witch-Ham has a green sneer and pointy witch hat. Hamtaro Franken-Ham sports a classic Frankenstein monster mask. Elder Wolf-Ham has gone full Lycanthrope on this full moon. Panda Skeleton-Ham is rocking a killer skeleton outfit. Do hamsters even have pelvises? Probably. Whatever, it’s the cutest one anyway. Panda Skeleton-Ham also looks to be a keychain.

Hamtaro the program ran in the United States from 2000 through 2006. These Halloween “Big Kids” meal toys were in support of the Halloween Hamtaro episode that aired on Cartoon Network.

There was also an activity book that went along with this Burger King Halloween premium. You can view the entire Burger King Halloween Hamtaro activity book here, courtesy of archive.org user KoCoProps.

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