Sally’s Minneapolis Halloween 1957 Catalog

Jen Advertising, Costumes, Decor, Vintage


Cover shows #135 deluxe masquerade costumes including Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman, Robin, Hawkman, and Green Lantern. #P2599 Transparent Plastic Masks. #M900 Luminous Might Masks. #M304 Plastic Space Masks.sallys1-1957-halloween

Vinyl plastic Halloween Maskssallys1-1957-halloween

Gauze masks and hooded masks!sallys1-1957-halloween

Rubber masks, some even glow in the dark.sallys1-1957-halloween

Adult sized pullover masks.sallys1-1957-halloween

Wigs, novelties, and accessories including rubber feet, makeup, third eyes, trick or treat bags, and beards.sallys1-1957-halloween

Costumes! Ghost, skeleton, cat, gypsy, devil, clown, witch, beatnik.sallys1-1957-halloween

My favorite page! Look at those electric and jack o lanterns in paper mache!sallys1-1957-halloween

Halloween and fall candles, noisemakers, Halloween horns, and assorted paper goods. Love those old Halloween noisemakers!