Sally’s Minneapolis Halloween 1957 Catalog

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Sally’s Minneapolis Halloween 1957 catalog cover shows #135 deluxe masquerade costumes including Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman, Robin, Hawkman, and Green Lantern. #P2599 Transparent Plastic Masks. #M900 Luminous Might Masks. #M304 Plastic Space Masks. 

Vinyl plastic Halloween Masks come in animals, people, and assorted scary characters.

Sally's Minneapolis Halloween 1957

Gauze masks and hooded masks!

Rubber masks, some even glow in the dark. Select from clowns, skulls, devils, pirates and half masks of leering eyes.

Sally's Minneapolis Halloween 1957

Adult sized pullover masks. Dogs, devils, gorillas, Abe Lincoln! A small offering of Sally’s masks claim “more fun with action and noise.” I’d love to know more about those.

Sally's Minneapolis Halloween 1957

Wigs, novelties, and accessories include rubber feet, makeup, third eyes, trick-or-treat bags, and beards inside Sally’s Minneapolis Halloween 1957 catalog. I can’t find anything out about what ever became of Sally’s Minneapolis. They sure sold quite the assortment of costuming supplies.

Costumes! Ghost, skeleton, cat, gypsy, devil, clown, witch, beatnik. I didn’t realize the smock style inexpensive children’s costumes went back to 1957. I wonder how many of these are still with us, in the back of an attic somewhere.

Sally's Minneapolis Halloween 1957

My favorite page! Look at those electric and jack o lanterns in paper mache!

Sally's Minneapolis Halloween 1957

Halloween and fall candles, noisemakers, Halloween horns, and assorted paper goods. Love those old Halloween noisemakers!

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