Vintage Ad: Twick or Tweet Raisins

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So you’re a kid and you’re out with your friends, having the time of your lives running from house to house frantically while clinging for dear life onto that pillow sack or pumpkin pail. Awesome, isn’t it?

Then… raisins. And brief confusion.

Maybe I’m in the minority because while I do like raisins, I never thought they were a good Halloween score. I mean… they are dried fruit after all.

And good luck trading them for anything. Even pennies seemed to have a lot more bargaining power than a box of raisins.

What about you? Raisins for Halloween faze ya or not so much?

Twick or Tweet: raisins. Great for little goblins sacks but not little mes. And she’s gonna tweet all right, tweet your address so the other kids know which house to egg. Think this California Raisin Advisory Board (THE PRESTIGE OF BELONGING TO SUCH A GROUP) was the same one that like, 20 years later, would blow our dehydrated foodstuff-loving minds with the singing, dancing California Raisins?

This is pulled from a Family Circle magazine circa 196Ihavenoidea.

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