Vintage Ad: Alumode House Mold

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Here’s a nifty one: a mold to make house shapes out of boxed cake mix. Think, I mean really give this some thought… you would  never have to eat a flat, boring cake again. Not even circular cakey-cakes can hold a candle to a house cake!

To demonstrate how much you would use this the nice folks at Alumode (Manitowoc, Wisconsin) whipped up 12 quick house cakes… A January 1957 New Year’s Cake, a pink and white St. Valentine’s day cake, a mighty lucky green St. Patty’s day cake, a nice church… oh dammit these are still cakes..!

Mothers day in May means mums house, June has the same church with a bride and groom and someone spray painted the roof green, July means you should paint YOUR roof with the American flag, August got birthdays. Eum k.

September evidently means babies, so September is all storked out, OCTOBER BABY! Candy corn, pumpkins, black cats and boarded up doors. HOT. In November the Indians are attacking. December looks like the end of a frat party to me but my inner non-smart ass is telling me it’s baby Jesus’s place. (Buy why is there cheese spilling out?)

Included is an order form to mail in to Alumode, aka the Aluminum Specialty Company, on it you can order a 32 page illustrated booklet “How to Create Party Cakes Easily” for 25 cents, a small Party House Cake Mold for a dollar and a large Party House Cake Mold for $1.49. Awesome.

 I bet after all that build up you’re gagging to have a look at these cakey-cakes!

From LIFE magazine, Oct 29, 1956.


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