Red Barn Halloween Bag

Red Barn Halloween Bag

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Before there were Boo Buckets, paper bags printed with company names and characters were a common promotional item around Halloween. This Red Barn Halloween bag is a great example.

Red Barn restaurant was founded not far from where I am in Ohio. Springfield, Ohio, to be precise, in 1961. Red Barn changed hands over the years but by 1988 it was completely defunct. A couple of stores hung on despite losing their franchise, but the last 2 Barn style restaurants were shuttered in 2015 and 2020. And if you’re incredibly young, the Red Barn restaurant buildings were indeed red barns! Many are still in use as something else today.

Red Barn introduced three kid focused characters, Hamburger Hungry, Chicken Hungry, and Big Fish Hungry. These are the three characters that show up on our Trick or Treat Red Barn bag. I don’t know what year this promotional Red Barn Halloween bag is from, as there is no makers make anywhere in or on the bag. If I had to guess, I’d say this bag is from around 1971.

Red Barn Halloween Bag

It’s an all black paper bag with a paper rope handle. In thick orange letters “Trick or Treat” is written along the top. Underneath, Red Barn’s slogan: “When the Hungries hit – Hit the Red Barn”. All the characters are wearing masks as disguises. If you happen to know more about this bag – please let me know in the comments. I’d like to date it with some certainty.

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  1. I initially thought the fish was dressed as a mummy and then thought it was weird the other two just had robber masks.
    Thanks for being part of the Countdown!
    -Cryptkeeper Dex

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