1983 Empire Pumpkin

1983 Empire Pumpkin Blow Molds from Fall 1983 Empire Catalog

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1983 Empire Pumpkin blow molds! Here’s a couple of pages snagged from the Fall 1983 Empire Plastics catalog.

The first page features plastic wall hangings, plastic pumpkin baskets in a 3 pack, and jack-o-lantern flashlights. There are also the tabletop decor featuring a pumpkin headed man wearing a hat, a pumpkin with a witch hat on top of straw, a white ghost, an orange witch, and a pumpkin with a pointy hat.

1983 Empire Pumpkin

The second shows off Empire‘s plastic pumpkins and pumpkin lamps, with an orange witch and white ghost lamp featured as well..

1983 Empire Pumpkin

The text is incredibly hard to make out on this scanned copy, but I think the large embossed style decorations in the 1983 Empire Pumpkin catalog are referred to as plaques.

These are:

Trick or Treat with a skull and cat
A black cat sitting on a pumpkin
A witch with a black cat
Skeleton in a cape
Ghost with an orange nose
Strawman with pumpkin and a crow
Witching riding past a full moon
Witch with ghost and a devil stirring a cauldron
A spooky tree with a black cat, ghost, pumpkin, and buzzard
Grinning pumpkin with white teeth
2 happy ghosts with pink noses
Skeleton sitting on a grave marker with a cat

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