Marc’s Halloween Haul

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 When I was a child and a teenager I hated Marc’s.

Marc’s is a discount drugstore-and-grocery chain, with stores in northern and central Ohio. It is owned by Clevelander Marc Glassman, who also owns Xpect Discounts, a four-store chain in western Connecticut.

Now I find myself trying to see what new general merchandise is there every week. I love it!

I have been wanting to start a Marc’s haul section on my blog about my home ( for a while. Maybe starting it here will inspire me to keep it going over there.

Here is a couple of neat things we got for super cheap at the Shoregate Marc’s.

 Kmart Beware! Go Away! Skulls with Glitter

Got it for $1.99!


Target Toss Pillow Skulls… LOVE these. They also had a larger pillow with ghosts.
Target Toss Pillow Skulls… $2.99!

Michael Jackson Thriller LED Pumpkin. Check out the video… $6.99!        




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