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Here we are, 9 days shy of September… which everyone knows is just the month before the awesomest month of the year.

Onto why I’m really here… a story about a boy finding poison in his Halloween candy. I meant to post this when I first saw it, about 2 months ago. The gist of the story is DCON rat poison ended up in the children’s Halloween candy. Mom said it looked like a gummy coin. And they were trick or treating in Euclid.

Didn’t you always think all that was just bollocks? I mean the check your candy thing. Well, I guess not so much anymore.

Police said it was put there on purpose and that the York’s were the only folks that solicited assistance from the Euclid Police Department about finding any poison.

I did look and I did NOT find any follow up on this story. Isn’t that sort of peculiar?

This all happened on the other side of Euclid, not the side Euclid Boo is on. And while that still completely sucks… I’m really even making mention of this out of sheer frustration of the recognition a lot of home haunts still do not receive. Not even minor acknowledgement from our own cities!

Fox 8 will drive Kevin Freeman out to stand in front of the Euclid Police Department for a very moving 9 seconds of “news” coverage on the matter. Yet we’ve been scaring the daylights out of the neighborhood, and they have been LOVING every SECOND of it since 2003 and we couldn’t even manage to get the now defunct local newspaper out to cover it. If a network news van rolled up we’d probably have a real corpse to add (me me ME) because, well, it ain’t never gonna happen!

I hardly consider this sort of thing a warning, either, as people are either going to let their kids enjoy being KIDS or they’re not. Just something to make a little more panic set in for no real reason. Fear everything, America! Fucking terrifying outside that front door!

People have called news outlets about us in the years past, this I know. It makes me very sad that a bad person with their bad actions gets on TV and beyond, and me, Guy and all my awesome helpers get… well… nothing.

Not even a gummy coin.

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