Dollar Tree Halloween 2015

Dollar Tree Halloween 2015!

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Whoa, the Dollar Tree Halloween 2015 catalog came out late this year. About two months later, to be precise. But whatever, here are some of the awesome goodies you can get for a buck this Halloween!

Dollar Tree Halloween 2015

Glow in the dark is right up my alley! The wooden signs will actually hold up for a couple of Halloweens outside. I might have to invest in these glow in the dark arms, too!

Dollar Tree Halloween 2015

Glow bats are neat. Twinkle lights and the felt decorations are ok. The glitter wood signs are always nice looking and a steal at a buck.

Dollar Tree Halloween 2015

Lanterns, complete with LED lights. These are almost 9″ and battery powered, which means they can be hung anywhere and moved when needed. Dollar Tree lanterns are available in jack-o-lantern, skull, cats, bats, and spider designs.

I can vouch for the glow stuff (except the flat, articulated skeletons, which glow for crap) but those incandescent black lights are really just purple light bulbs. The wall mural is neat, same with the scares and pot holder/towel sets!

Dollar Tree Halloween 2015

We have those plastic skeletons and tombstones all over our house. Those and the spiders glow well. The lenticular pictures are cool, and they ditched the plastic “frames” and made a product that’s much larger. 2023 addition: I still use these lenticular hanging images. I LOVE them and wish they’d do more.

Glitter will never die.

Those glow in the dark eyes are absolutely one of my favorite things ever. Target is selling them this year for something like six dollars a set. Ha. These glow really well.

Dollar Tree had the rats and birds die cut black paper cutouts this year, but no bats as in previous years. Boo.

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