Crafty: Dollar Valentine Garland

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I love a well decorated mantel. It sets the mood for an entire room, and you can really do it up.

Today I’m going to show you how I made a one dollar Valentine Garland. Everything was purchased from Dollar Tree and cost about ONE DOLLAR AND SIX CENTS TO MAKE. Yup, $1.06!

Dollar Valentine Garland supplies

For my Dollar Valentine Garland I purchased:

Doilies – $2 (I used 8 out of 60)… 14¢
Ribbon – $1 (I used about 6 feet out of 9)… 67¢
Table Scatter – $1 (I used 7 out of a zillion or so pieces)… negligible
Glitter Stickers – $1 (I used 8 out of 32)… 25¢
Gluesticks (a negligible amount)

I made this garland to drape straight across the front of the mantel because of the flimsy nature of the paper doilies. I’m sure you could double or triple them if you wanted something a bit more heavy.

Dollar Valentine Garland wire edge ribbon

I measured how much ribbon I needed, and left a bit extra just in case.

Next I pulled out 8 doilies, 4 in white and 4 in red. I marked my center of the ribbon and just threaded the hearts on through the lacy edges. I had to fold the ribbon in half to get it thin enough. They went on really easy, actually.

Dollar Valentine Garland

In order to finish the detail work, I attached the garland to the mantel. Next, Affix both ends of the garland and then move the doily hearts as needed. Lastly I put 8 of the glitter stickers onto the doily hearts!

Dollar Valentine Garland

Now get your glue stick ready cause we’re gonna add the table scatter.

Dollar Valentine Garland table scatter

I pulled out a few different ones and just carefully glued them onto the ribbon, in between each doily.

Dollar tree glue stick

Yes, and that’s all. A tiny bit of creativity and a trip to Dollar Tree and you’re set. I hope this will provide you with a little inspiration for your own Valentine’s mantel. I’ll be adding a couple other Valentine’s themed crafts in the next few days, too!

Finished garland

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