2019 Dollar Tree Halloween

2019 Dollar Tree Halloween Catalog + Gotta Haves!

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2019 Dollar Tree Halloween catalog is here! Here are a few pages and down below, stuff I will most definitely be snapping up.

The front cover of the 2019 Dollar Tree Halloween features champagne and wine glasses with blue, black, and orange translucent skeleton hands holding them up. Also pictured is a small skull shot glass.


Wreath forms, feathers, decorative mesh, glittery spiders, picks of jack o lanterns and witches hats and glittery mesh tubes would make for a spooky wreath. These craft supplies are available in purple, green, orange, and black. Sugar skull hanging decor and large “Beware” banners look great indoors. Small funkins are carvable and never rot. More picks of flowers and glittery branches make for an “eye-catching” centerpiece.

2019 Dollar Tree Halloween

Black plastic chains are incredibly useful at Halloween. I’ve used chains for costumes, props, and even inside the haunt. Hang it from the ceiling! Glittery skulls, pumpkins, and owls featuring LED lights are made of foam. I like using small headstones as indoor or outdoor decorations. 2019’s Halloween light stakes come in eyes, a witch flying by the moon, a skull, a jack-o-lantern, and a happy ghost.

2019 Dollar Tree Halloween

Votive candle holders in many shapes light up the night. Getting into party supplies, there’s a brain mold to make a jello brain, kids sippy cups with monster faces, and the wine, champagne, shot, and beverage glasses pictured on the cover.

2019 Dollar Tree Halloween

This year, I’m definitely adding these products to my Dollar Tree Halloween shopping list! First off are these adorable little plastic LED lanterns. They give off that 100 years ago Halloween vibe I’ve always been looking for. Witches, haunted houses, and black cats.

Day of the Dead Glass Jar candles. These are cool all year.

The Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls have an almost wood-like feel since they’re made of thick cardboard.

I like skulls and I really like pretty skulls.

How do you feel about anatomically incorrect skeletons?

2019 Dollar Tree Halloween

Birds and bats, oh my!

Our rat friend is a very menacing skeleton boy.

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