2015 General Mills Monster

2015 General Mills Monster Cereals Blippar and Castle Cut Outs

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2015 General Mills Monster

The 2015 Halloween season ushers in another year of General Mills monster cereals. The 2015 General Mills Monster Cereals bring you Boo Berry, Count Chocula, and Frankberry. The box features “We’re Alive!” in yellow font with lightning behind it. On the back, you can experience interactive features if you download the Blippar app for your smartphone.


Back again are the Target only boxes with special packaging. I personally prefer the art style on the Target store boxes. These lack the augmented reality Blippar feature, but they have a more old-school cut and build cardboard activity. Certainly collectors will get both versions. There are only three characters to collect, as there are no Yummy Mummy or Frute Brute variations for 2015.

2015 General Mills Monster

What’s your favorite Monster Cereal? Batty for BooBerry? Crazy for the Chocolate Count? Freak out every time you see Frankenberry? Do you miss Frute Brute? Think the Yummy Mummy shade is completely uncalled for? Personally, I think Boo Berry is the superior cereal in color (I know, such a natural shade of blue/purple/gray), flavor, and representative character. Boo Berry is a cool legless ghost and let’s be honest, he’s always looked a little tired or really stoned. The weakest is Frankenberry. Just no all the way around.

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