1990 LifeSavers/Bubble Yum

1990 LifeSavers/Bubble Yum Halloween Buckets

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I have a growing collection of plastic Halloween pails. It started out with Bayshore plastics and McDonald’s Halloween pails. Now, it seems to be taking up another cause: Branded plastic candy containers. Of course, these 1990 LifeSavers/Bubble Yum buckets needed a place on this blog and in my heart.

I have already, in part, covered the 1989/1990 Mars containers that include a Snicker Ghost, 3 Musketeers Goblin and Milky Way Jack O Lantern. Today’s subjects are 3 Halloween pails: 2 orange witches filled with Life Savers candy and a pink Dracula filled with Bubble Yum.

I don’t recall seeing these, ever. Chances are, it was very close to the Mars containers, but the Mars containers looked much more appealing. Also, I think the Mars buckets contained better candy.

I like to think that this witch pail was CHOCK FULL of Life Savers and weighed like, 26 pounds.

All three 1990 LifeSavers/Bubble Yum buckets are marked Planters Lifesaver company 1990.

1990 LifeSavers/Bubble Yum

First up to bat (haha) is the Bubble Yum bucket. In fairness, these really aren’t buckets but cauldrons, and I guess a pink cauldron is really fucking cool. Pink Dracula bucket cauldrons come and are branded Bubble Yum gum.

1990 LifeSavers/Bubble Yum

There are two variations on the orange cauldron bucket. Both are witches, although one is arguably more frightening than the other. Both came with LifeSavers hard ring candies.

The second witch is downright goofy looking. They both have chin warts, though. All bucket cauldrons have molded bats, spiderwebs, pumpkins, and tombstones. They also have white strings for handles.

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