1977 Toys R Us Ben Cooper Bayshore Kusan Geoffrey Halloween Costume

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This Toys R Us ad was published in October 1977, and comes from a newspaper in Upland, California. It advertises a rare Kusan Geoffrey Halloween Costume. The Kusan costumes are shown underneath costumes by the well known costume company Ben Cooper. Plaid Stallions has a lovely full color 1974 Kusan catalog you should probably go look at. I’m not very familiar with the Kusan costume company, although they have some fantastic designs.

Anyway, on to the vintage boxed costume Halloween warmth!

A Ben Cooper Star Wars costume, with Darth Vader pictured, will run you $3.68.

Ben Cooper’s Lee Majors as the 6 Million Dollar Man is $2.97, Bionic woman and Wonder Woman costumes are $2.97. Ben Cooper’s Raggedy Ann is a steal at $2.24.

Other Kusan branded disguises aside from the Kusan Geoffrey Halloween Costume include:

The Tiny Tot which looks to be a little devil holding a pitchfork on the front of the costume and;
P.J. Tiny Tot, who is a cat that looks a bit like Sylvester to me.

A 60″ jointed skeleton will cost you $1.28, and every costume purchase receives a free trick or treat “reflectorized” safety bag! I really want that bag.

Kusan Geoffrey Halloween Costume

Finish your Halloween shopping trip up with a Fun World wind-up Clacking Skull, a General Foam 10″ carrying pumpkin and Spook Sticks, available in pumpkin, cat, or skull. Don’t forget some Bayshore E-Z Off Masquerade Make-Up.

What costume would you have chosen for Halloween 1977? Personally, I always opt for the scariest thing possible. I’m about that clacking skull, though.

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