1962 Popular Mechanics Christmas Wood Plans Reindeer Hoisting Sack; Santa Space Capsule; Nativity

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Looking for unique Christmas wood patterns? The Douglas Fir are coming into popularity again. Douglas Fir sold patterns for a very inexpensive price, which you glued down to a piece of plywood cut to shape. These unused patterns and even surviving finished wooden Santas, choirs, wreathes, and more, have become sought after. There are original and reproductions available, but if you don’t mind painting yourself, you can very easy have a vintage Christmas scene in no time!

Below are the Popular Mechanics Christmas Wood Plans from December, 1962.

Wood cutout of Santa hanging off the roof with reindeers handing up his sack.

Popular Mechanics December 1962 starts off with Santa on the roof (would be great for houses with a low roof) reaching down as one of his reindeer, standing on the back of another reindeer, hand up his sack of toys. Another reindeer lounges in the flower beds, grateful to have a break from flying the night skies.

Wood garage cutout plans of sleigh with sack, reindeer, and Rudolph.
The next is a simple sleigh holding Santa’s sack and reindeer silhouette that goes on your garage door. Santa is a separate pattern and is made to look as if he’s entering the front door holding a smaller sack of presents.
 Popular Mechanics Christmas Wood Plans Santa in a space capsule parachuting down.

Because it was 1962, the next vintage wood Santa is quite unique! It’s Santa in a space capsule with a parachute attached, pictured in the magazine attached to a chimney. Last is an understate and classic nativity scene silhouette with Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the 3 Wise Men, and a star.

Popular Mechanics Christmas Wood Plans silhouette of nativity with Mary, Joseph, Jesus, and Wise Men.

Getting these designs onto wood.

All of these designs are on a grid. You could cut the small “transparencies” out of the magazine, cover them with clear nail polish, and project them on to your work surface. Personally, I find it easiest to project these onto my wood surface with an inexpensive projector.

View the 7+ pages of the December 1962 Popular Mechanics Christmas Wood Plans Cutouts via Google Books.

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