Collegeville Boxed Costume Ads 1960s

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Since we missed halfway to Halloween a couple of days ago, I put together some 1960’s Collegeville Boxed Costume Ads for you boxed costume junkies.

Collegeville Boxed Costume Ads

The first ad is from Halloween 1964, from the Chicago Heights Shoppers world. Wrapped caramels, Mars Bars, Planter’s peanuts and chocolate-covered raisins and safety pops are alongside Glow In The Dark Collegeville box costumes. Available disguises include animals, witches, pirates, moonmen, vampires, and more.

Scott’s in Xenia, Ohio advertised candy, electric pumpkins that light up and “spook sticks” safety lights for trick or treaters sold in skulls, maniacs, or pumpkins. This 1966 ad also shows Collegeville costumes of witches, Casper, a space man and lots of other styles.

Collegeville Boxed Costume Ads

 A 1967 G.C. Murphy store ad has Collegeville costumes and Collegeville wigs made of Herculan. It also shows Collegeville adult masks and “white for nite” costumes. Also… a Casper the Ghost Ray O Vac flashlight!

 This Hills ad from Liverpool in 1967 has lots of sweets for sale, plastic Halloween pumpkins for trick or treaters were 47 cents. Lots of Collegeville costumes and masks available such as Mickey Mouse, Popeye, Bugs Bunny, and a devil.

Another Hills store advert – this one from 1968. Lots of candy and Halloween party and paper goods by an unnamed manufacturer. Casper the Friendly Ghost costume is from and center. It also shows Bugs Bunny, The Witch, Mr. Spock, and Dr. Doolittle.

Our last ad brings up to 1969 and is again from Hills department store in Ohio. A small hollow pumpkin is 23 cents, a large plastic pumpkin (looks like a Bayshore!!) is 73 cents, and a full sized pumpkin flashlight is only 68 cents. The Collegeville boxed costumes shown are Bugs Bunny, a girl bunny, Cinderella, a spaceman, and a skeleton.

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