1958-1959 Beistle Halloween Catalog

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Eye candy time! A 1958 – 1959 Beistle Company Halloween Catalog! Can you imagine seeing the display at 200 Fifth Avenue?

Page one: No. 1503 Dan-Dee Hallowe’en Decorating Kit! A wide variety of attractive Halloween decorations, specially selected to satisfy most window trimmers needs.

Stores working with “Special Promotions” and “Sales Boosters” know the value of trimming with colorful, eye-catching, seasonal decoration, and will be quick to take advantage of this sure and easy way to solve their decorating needs.

May also be used effectively for decorating game rooms, clubs, schools, and others, for gay and festive Halloween Parties. A complete and compact decorating unit that wins popular acceptance, and assures additional sales and profits.

Each kit is packed complete as illustrated and listed below:

  • Five – 14×15″ scratch cats
  • Two – 11 1/2″ O&B Balls
  • Five – 24″ jointed skeletons
  • One – 19″ O&B ball
  • One – 55″ jointed skeleton
  • Three – 9 1/2×12″ tissue pumpkins
  • Four – 4 1/2×14″ bats
  • One – 13×18″ tissue pumpkin
  • Three – 8 1/2×24″ cutouts
  • Two – 30″ rolls O&B festooning
  • Two – 13×14 1/2″ cutouts

Each kit is packed in a corrugated carton for shipping. Weight is about 4 1/4 lbs., suitable for Parcel Post shipment. $7.50 per kit.

Page 2: No. 1834 Hallowe’en Party Decorama. Now at a popular price, party planners can purchase a complete unit for decorating club or game room for that big Hallowe’en party. A perfect tie-in sale with hates, horns, and other party goods staples and illustrated with descriptive copy in a two-color box ( size 9 x 12 inches) for each handling and attractive counter display.

Kit includes one 24 inch jointed Skeleton, two 14 x 15 inch jointed Scratch Cats, five 6 1/4 x 9 1/4 inch embossed plaques, one 8 inch Art-Tissue Ball, three 9 ft. Art-Tissue Garlands, and two 12 inch Cat Centerpieces. Pakced 1 Kit, $1.50 per Kit. Weight 3/4 lb.

No. 1836 Jumbo Hallowe’en Party Decorama. A deluxe assortment of popular party decorations carefully selected to give you a big variety of top values. This colorful new Hallowe’en decorating kit will aid in your choice of Hallowe’en decorations and help make your party a real success.

Each kit is packed in an attractive illustrated two-color box (Size 10 x 18 inches) completely with descriptive information.

Kit includes one 24-inch jointed Skeleton, two 8 1/2 x 12 inch embossed Jack-O-Lanterns, two 8 1/2 x 12 inch embossed Cat Faces, four 6 x 18 inch embossed Hallowe’en figures, one 12 inch Art-Tissue Ball, two 8 inch Art-Tissue Balls, four 9 ft. Art-Tissue Garlands, six 9 1/2 inch standing table favors, one 9 1/2 x 12 inch Art-Tissue Pumpkin, and two 5  7 inch Art-Tissue Pumpkins. Packed 1 Kit, $3.00 per Kit. Weight 1 5/8 lbs.

Page 3: 1740 Deluxe Hallowe’en Assortment. Designed to help you build new sales and profits by meeting popular-demand for large, showy Hallowe’en decorations. These attractive eye-catching decorations will add new variety to convenient easy-to-sell units and will supplement the sale of other assortments and selection of stock numbers now offered.

The top variety of items offered in this assortment will hep  create instant appeal for seasonal decorating. Homes, schools, churches, stores, clubs, taverns, and other places desiring festive trim for the Hallowe’en season are all possible users.

Each assortment is packed complete in corrugated shipping carton. Shipping weight approximately 19 lbs. each. Size of carton within limits for Parcel Post shipment.

Total Retail Value – $27.00 per Assortment.

Note: Because of higher transportation rates to more distant points, higher prices should be charged to give you a fair profit.

  • A – 1 doz. 55″ JOINTED SKELETON 49¢ Value
  • B – 2 doz. NOVELTY CATS 10¢ Value
  • C – 2 doz. EMBOSSED PLAQUES 19¢ Value
  • D – 2 doz. WALL DECORATIONS 2 for 25¢ Value
  • E – 1 doz. TISSUE BALL 25¢ Value
  • F – 1 doz. bags SCARE CROWS (1 piece per bag) 39¢ Value
  • G – 1 doz. bags STANDING DECORATIONS (6 pieces per bag) 29¢ per bag

Page 4: Decorations – Embossed

No. 1115 Large Embossed Halloween Cutout Decorations – Designed especially for the discriminating buyer who is looking for the best in embossed decorations. This particular set of five designs has three figures 8 1/2 x 24 inches and two figures 13 x 14 1/2 inches. Three color printing, deeply embossed on cardboard. Packed 2 doz, $2.40 per doz. Weight 4 lbs.

No. 1346 Large Embossed Cutouts – A deluxe set of embossed plaques. This comical “Sad Witch” and happy “Jack-O-Lantern” will please the buyer looking for large wall decorations. Two designs printed in three bright contrasting colors on fine quality embossing board. Size 12 x 18 inches. Packed 2 doz, $3.00 per doz. Weight 4 lbs.

No. 1606 Witch Cutouts – Always a popular Hallowe’en character and favoriting for party decorating. Three spooky, grotesque witches printed in colors or orange, black, and green on fine stock, and die-cue to shape. Three designs. Average size 8 x 18 inches. Packed 2 doz, $1.20 per doz. Weight 1 3/8 lbs.

No. 1717 Large Halloween Cutouts – Four popular Halloween characters printed in three colors on fine stock. Die-cut to shape these attractive designs make a lively window or wall deocration. Two figures approximately 26 x 10 1/2 inches and two approximately 14 1/2 x 14 1/2 inches. Packed 2 doz, $1.56 per doz. Weight 2 1/2 lbs.

Page 5: Dancers

No. 1493 Wiggly Witch – This grinning witch will amuse young and old alike. She wiggles and dances with a flick of your finger. Printed on fine quality stock in three colors and die-cut to shape. Size 6 x 14 inches. One design. String loop attached.

No. 1494 Wiggly Cat – A new and unusual action toy. Free motion of body and legs enables this Hallowe’en cat to wiggle and dance. Printed in three colors on quality stock and die-cut to shape. Size 7 x 11 1/2 inches. One Design. String loop attached.

No. 1492 Wiggly Skeleton – You can have lots of fun and laughs with this amusing skeleton. It wiggles and dances and is sure to be a popular party favorite with everyone. Printed in two colors on quality white stock and die-cut to shape. Size 8 x 13 inches. One design. String loop attached.

No. 1775 Skeleton Dancer – This new action toy is a party favorite of kids and adults alike. A dancing skeleton with a printed head, body, hands and feet. Arms and legs of white Art-Tissue. Completely with printed directions on back. Packed Flat. One Design.

No. 1776 – Same as No. 1775 except each packed in a clear cellophane bag for effective over-the-counter sale in the stores.

No. 1695 Cat and Witch Dancers – A party favor or decoration with action. Cat and witch dancing figures printed orange and black on heavy cardboard with orange and black Art-Tissue arms and legs. Size 6 1/2 x 20 inches. Complete with printed directions on back. Packed flat. Two designs.

No. 1696 – Same as No. 1695 except each packed in a glassine bag for effective over-the-counter sale in the stores.

Page 6 Decorations – Flat

No. 1837 Witch Hazel – This “chubby” witch and her “be-deviled” cat will lend a gay and comical note to party decorating. Printed in three colors on heavy white paper. Witch and cat are silhouetted on a bright yellow moon. A large display piece for mounting on walls or other background decorating. Size 19 x 27 inches. Packed folded flat. One dozen.

No. 1838 – Same as No. 1837 except each packed in a clear cellophane bag for effective over-the-counter sale in the stores.

No. 1726 Creepy Alice – This gruesome witch face lends the right atmosphere to Hallowe’en decorating. Printed one side, orange and black, on quality white stock with finely fringed orange and black crepe hair on either side of face. An ideal hanging decoration for wall or window. Size 18 1/4 x 14 1/2 inches. One Design.

No. 1623 Giant Cat Cut-Out – Large size display piece showing cat head and bow tie printed in black and orange on heavy white paper. Fine for mounting on a wall or other background. Size 24 x 36 inches.

No. 1624 Giant Jack-O-Lantern Cut-Out – Large size display piece showing Jack-O-Lantern printed in orange and black on heavy white paper. Very attractive. Size 24 x 36 inches.

Page 7 Centerpieces

No. 1873 Hallowe’en Party Basket – A popular priced party basket. May be used as table decoration or party favor and nut cup. Printed both sides in orange and black Hallowe’en design. Base of finely meshed orange Art-Tissue. Opens full round. Size 4 x 5 1/2 inches. Packed folded flat. Equally assorted four designs.

No. 1982 Cat Centerpiece – A party favorite, this merry Hep-Cat makes a gay and comical Hallowe’en centerpiece, and the low price assures volume sales. Printed both sides on heavy stock, it has a six inch expending base of orange meshed Art-Tissue. Stands 12 inches tall. One design.

No. 1840 Scarecrow Centerpiece – A popular priced Hallowe’en centerpiece. Comical scarecrow and skull printed on two sides in colors. Corn shock of yellow meshed Art-Tissue opens full-round to complete the centerpiece and form a standing base. Approximately 10 1/2 x 12 in size. One Design. Packs folded flat.

No. 1536 Witch on Flying Saucer – Printed two sides in colors on orange and black, this Hallowe’en witch rides a jet propelled flying saucer of orange meshed Art-Tissue. A new and exciting hanging decoration that’s sure to make a big hit. Saucer approximately 15 inches in diameter. Witch 9 x 11 inches. One Design. packed folded flat.

No. 1744 Corn Shock Centerpiece – A large corn shock die-cue from yellow meshed Art-Tissue opens full round to form standing base. Jolly jack-o-lantern printed both sides in orange and black color nests atop corn shock and lends a gay, comical note to this appropriate Halloween centerpiece. Size approximately 16 1/2 x 10 inches. One design. Packs folded flat.

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