Vintage Cleveland Press Pumpkin Print

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2023 Update: I re-created the Cleveland Press Jack-O-Lantern as I wanted it to look better. You’re welcome. P.S. If you use this somewhere on the internet, credit would be nice. Feel free to share this link with everyone!

I was reading a Facebook thread about all the good memories this pumpkin gave to people the people of Cleveland around this time of year. One commenter even remarked that this was their only Halloween decoration, a cutout from the Cleveland Press (defunct) of a grinning jack o lantern.

Vintage Cleveland Press grinning jackolantern cutout

I looked for a better quality but the picture above appears to be the only one floating around the internet.

So I kicked up Adobe Illustrator and decided to make a clean, vector version of it, for anyone who’d like to print themselves one, or many copies, free for personal use and display!

Cleveland Press Jack o Lantern t-shirt

Wanna get the Cleveland Press Jack-o-lantern on a t-shirt, too?

Cleveland Press Jack o Lantern magnets and stickers

How about a Cleveland Press Pumpkin magnet? Or get that nostalgia hit with a Cleveland Press Pumpkin mug!

Cleveland Press Jack o Lantern newspaper

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