Popular Mechanics 1954 Say Merry Christmas with Plywood Cutouts

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The first installment of these Christmas do it yourself wood cuts came in the November 1954 issue of Popular Mechanics. Say “Merry Christmas” with plywood cutouts! These patterns are free, use a sheet of plywood and paint. I like to use latex house paint for durability. To transfer, either place your design on a grid. I personally project mine with an inexpensive LED projector.

Snowman, singers, and a choir, all free wood cut Christmas plans.

Included in the 5 page feature are the patterns and instructions for a life-size snowman with hat, scarf, and broom. Choirboys in robes holding music books.

Popular Mechanics 1954 snowman and singing choirboys.

A jolly Santa Claus in a sleigh with toys in his sack, and a reindeer to pull him along. I appreciate the very futuristic 60’s style art. A group of carolers that share a large songbook would make for a head turning and festive yard prop. There’s a fat jolly Santa Claus pattern that is featured underlit and on the roof of a house. Spiky 3D Christmas trees are another fun, albeit more challenging Christmas yard project.

Jolly Santa and reindeer free wood plans

A praying angel with with wings and halo are made in three separate pieces for a truly unique look. Ffinally, tall skinny candles with stars behind the flames are sure you give you that vintage Christmas touch. make them to flank the praying angel or hang or stand them alone!

Popular Mechanics 1954 praying angel with candles.

You can view all 5 pages and download the patterns for free via Google Books – Popular Mechanics November 1954 Say “Merry Christmas” with Plywood Cutouts

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