2003 Burger King Halloween Hamtaro

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The 2003 Burger King “Big Kids” Halloween kids meal premiums were Hamtaro Little Hamsters, Big Adventures toys. There were 8 toys in all to collect. Each character is outfitted with a removable plastic Halloween disguise. Penelope Ghost-Ham donned a white sheet and a little spider. Cappy Pumpkin-Ham wore an adorable …

2021 McDonald’s Halloween Happy Meal

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Another year of Halloween SHADE thrown by McDonald’s. The 50th anniversary Disney kids meal premiums parade right through Halloween 2021. So much for the 2021 McDonald’s Halloween Happy Meal toys even being seasonally themed, really. What a bummer. These seem like they’d be aimed toward adults, not kids. There are …

1999 Halloween Burger King Silly Slammers

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Burger King’s Halloween 1999 kids club kids meal promotion were Silly Slammers clip-ons. Burger King Silly Slammers, from top left to bottom right: Redeye, Boo Hoo, Witchazel, Batty, and Li’ Jackie & Mo. Don’t quite remember these? Sink your teeth into this advertisement for them:

1993 Hardee’s & Roy Roger’s Halloween Buckets

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This Hardee’s & Roy Roger’s Halloween trick or treat pail featured all the monsters on one glow-in-the-dark bucket, and in their speech balloons they offered Halloween trick or treating safety tips. I wonder how many kids meals would have come in buckets had McDonald’s not pioneered the Halloween kids meals. Frankenstein …