Kusan Costume Catalog 1973

Kusan Costume Catalog 1973

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Behold, the Kusan Costume Catalog 1973 edition!

Kusan Costume Catalog 1973

Kusan, Inc. out of Nashville Tennessee, thought itself as America’s leading creators of masquerade costumes. This catalog showcases masks, wigs, boxed and non-boxed costumes, and accessories. Kusan licensed many of these properties.

Kusan’s 1300 Tiny Tot Range was a gypsy, a devil, a witch, a doctor, a nurse, and a clown.

Kusan’s 1800 Tiny Tot Range includes Humpty Dumpty, Cat n Fiddle, Little Miss Muffet, Mary had a Little Lamb. Clown, and Peter Rabbit.

TV Licensed 2000 Tiny Tot Range is fun. Choose from Pink Panther, Mr. Do Bee, Henrietta the Hippo, Freddy the Frog, Charlie the Owl, Happy Jack Clown.

Kusan’s 2800 range included a color plastic treat bag with the costume! Costumes from this line include a Gypsy Girl, Chinese Princess, Witch, Fairy, Monster, Clown, Skeleton, Astronaut, and Devil. Kusan’s 3600 Range was the same costumes but they were packed in a cardboard box with a plastic window.

Kusan’s 400 Range for 1973

The Lone Ranger, Football Star, Sunflower Girl, Cat Girl, Mini Queen, Tonto, Lil Abner, and Daisy Mae.

Kusan Costume Catalog 1973 400 Range, continued; Pumpkin Girl, Tom, Jerry, Fairy Princess, David Cassidy, Zodiac, Psychedelic, Pink Panther, Exxon Tiger. The 400 range came packed in a windowed box.

Moving on to Kusan’s 700 Range, also contained in a “FULL-VUE” window box. Options were Gypsy Girl, Devil, Chinese Princess. Also Witch, Jolly Great Giant, Fairy Princess, Red Heart, Grand Prix, Blue Fairy, and Skeleton.

Snake Charmer, Miss America, Clown, Astronaut, Mad Scientist and Monster round out the 700 Range in the Kusan Costume Catalog 1973. Show on the right side of this page are wigs in numerous styles and colors, facial hair, and and eye patch.

The Kusan 600 Range was more boxed costumes. You could be a Pirate, Mandarin, Chinese Princess, Monster, Nurse, Blue Fairy, or Tiger.

Mandarin AND Chinese Princess. Yikes. We just keep ramming this home, don’t we?

More Kusan 600‘s: Girl Clown, Hippie, Flower Girl, Leopard, and Clown. On the right hand side, half masks and a trick or treat back is shown.

Kusan 4000 Range

Skeleton, Devil, Chinese Princess (sorry), Clown, Pirate, and Witch.

I’d like to think we’re out of nationalities as disguise novelties. Phew! This last page shows off the Number 31, 34, 52, 53, 54, & 59 masks. Most are vinyl, but I think the zodiac are kind of neat! Vinyl Halloween hats and a picture of the facilities finish us off.

The back cover is a full color display of Kusan’s masks displays! Do you have any vintage Kusan costume or accessories? They seem to be few and far between in 2023.

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