Collegeville KISS Box Costumes

Collegeville KISS Box Costumes 1978/1979

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Boxed Halloween costumes were a staple of the 1940s through the 1980s. You have everything you need to dress your 15 and under children in nearly any costume they might want. Collegeville, Ben Cooper, and Bland Charnas licensed characters for costumes and by doing so, made available the hottest disguises in pop culture year after year. One of the most popular at the time, and one that remains sought after, is the Collegeville KISS Box Costumes from 1978 and 1979.

Collegeville KISS Box Costumes

Collegeville wisely licensed all 4 KISS members, making boxed/mounted costumes available for:

  • 2734 Paul Stanley as the Starchild
  • 2774 Gene Simmons as the Demon
  • 2776 Peter Criss as the Catman
  • 2783 Ace Frehley as the Spaceman or Space Ace

The Collegeville KISS Box costumes were the standard “flame retarded” vinyl all the costumes of this era were made of. The masks are the same plastic you likely remember, a firm molded face with string around the back to hold it to your face. What made the KISS costumes unique was in addition to the plastic hair, synthetic black hair was added to all the masks for a more realistic appearance.

The costumes were available in sizes small, medium, and large, additionally, “teenage” sizes were available, which would fit a typical 13 – 15 year old. Retailers could order the costumes boxed, mounted, or the masks themselves.

Collegeville KISS Box costumes ads are copyright 1978 and 1979, so they were likely available for Halloween both years.

Collegeville KISS Box Costumes Details

Paul Stanley’s costume was blue, purple and pink. Gene Simmons costumes were red, white, and yellow. Peter Criss was orange, pink, and green. Ace Frehley is yellow, green, and blue. The one-piece vinyl outfit all shared plain black pants.

The boxes are identical to all four KISS costumes with names being printed on the side. Also shown is a mounted version of Ace Frehley. Did you rock this costume as a tiny KISS fan?

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