1986 McDonald’s Halloween Buckets for Photoshop

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I saw the saddest thing while browsing at a Unique thrift store in Willowick, Ohio yesterday. A Snickers ghost, top of his head missing and his eyes completely removed! I should have snapped a picture. The poor thing will probably end up in a recycle bin. Even on half price day.

Anyway… I did find an original McBoo McDonald’s pumpkin bucket. For $0.52 I was out the door with him, lid and all!

As a way to celebrate that, I made something you Photoshop/Halloween hybrid geeks are going to, erm, geek out on.

These three are the original 3: McBoo, McGoblin, and McPunk’n. These were featured in 1986 and 1987!

My (free) McDonald’s pumpkin pail brushes and custom shapes!


You can download the McDonald’s 80’s pumpkins pails as brushes here or custom shapes here. These are free to use but please do not include them in any downloads or collections. Thank you!