1970’s Collegeville Boxed Costume Ads

Jen Advertising, Bayshore, Blow Molds, Empire, Vintage

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Via Salem news, Salem Ohio, this October 1971 ad for G.C. Murphy Co. shows a clown and maybe a tiger? Both Collegeville designs, for $1.17. Collegeville Herculon wigs were 57 cents, and tabletop blow molded pumpkins on hay, black cats, or with full bodies were on sale for 99 cents.

East Liverpool reviews 1971 ad for Hills department store at St. Clair Plaza in Calcutta, Ohio. Collegeville costumes (Bugs Bunny, skeleton, Cinderella) and Halloween accessories. More Spook Sticks and adorable blow mold Halloween decorations by Bayshore.

Another East Liverpool Calcutta Ohio Hills ad – this one from 1974 – boasts lots of “fire retarded” Collegeville Halloween costumes. A devil with “Hot Stuff” written on the front, Raggedy Ann, a Collegeville ghost and Spiderman holding a Casper bag are shown.

Dover Times – 1978 – Collegeville costumes featuring characters from TV and comics!