Vintage Beistle Reproductions

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Reading a book like Timeless Halloween Collectibles, 1920 To 1949: A Halloween Reference Book From The Beistle Company Archive With Price Guide will make you willing to sell a kidney to get into the Beistle archives and have a peek yourself. This book is as close as you’ll actually get to seeing these 80, 90 year old gems in near perfect condition, as if they were just produced a few weeks ago.

While this isn’t a book review, I really highly recommend this if you’re a collector or just someone who gets a rush out of browsing yesteryear’s ideas of frightful merriment.

Halloweenporn, basically.

You may remember my featuring of a couple sets of die cut reproductions from the early to mid 1940’s. They’re very cool, inexpensive and you can actually use them, not just store them in a safe place and worry about them.

Now I, dear readers, am going to show you more modern reproductions of completely charming Beistle paper decorations, these even earlier than the previous sets, chock full of witches, black cats and jack o lanterns. Ideal for Halloween parties or hang them up yearly, like their original counterparts would have been.

Vintage Tissue Centerpieces

Love love loooove the artwork on these, and tissue itself is such a throwback.

Cat & Moon Tissue Centerpiece, Witch & Moon Tissue Centerpiece

Cat and Moon TIssue Halloween Table Centerpiece and Witch and Moon TIssue Halloween Table Centerpiece.

Black Cat Head

There are a couple items featuring the black cat head on a punchy orange background, genuine Beistle artwork from 1948. Would be fabulous for a vintage party, as they’re not trying so hard to actually look vintage, like everything else.

Beistle Black Cat Head from 1948

Beistle Black Cat Head napkins, plates, medallions and favor boxes. Adorbs.

And there’s more. Favor boxes with coordinating coasters that are replicas of the old Beistle cardboard lanterns with orange tissue inserts, and sheets of peel and stick decorations, one from the late 1950’s and the others from the late 1920’s. The same jack o lantern artwork found on the book above also comes as a cardboard mask on a stick.

A snippet off their website reads:

As each season progresses and as the vintage reproduction line increases, we will expand the Vintage Beistle product line accordingly. Other popular holiday themes we plan to introduce are Christmas, Valentine’s, and Easter. Because we understand vintage collecting is a year round hobby.

Yes, please.