Parts & Bloody Bits – Gory Dinner & App Ideas

Jen Food, Halloween Party

Planning a Halloween menu? Here are a few great appetizers and main courses. If your overall vibe is “bloody” or would make an actual cannibal RSVP, keep reading…

Meat (loaf) handMeatloaf handYou’ll need a pan shaped like a hand, other than that, it’s really just a meatloaf with onions for nails (I know they’re onions, but

I really fancy the melted cheese on top, looks like charred flesh. Nice.

Zombie MeatFresh Zombie Meat Halloween AppetizerCooked chunks of steak served with a tomato based dipping sauce and of course, garnished with some red bloody splatters.

Mmm, zombie meat.

Eyeball SoupEyeball SoupFire roasted tomato soup served in a stark white bowl.

The eyes are balls of mozzarella with Spanish olives as pupils.

Flesh WormFleshwormPork tenderloin, prosciutto and thin spaghetti make these creatures that are awfully convincing lying there, dead, on YOUR dinner plate!

These are a bit of work but they more than hit their goal of *almost* too frightening to eat.

Here’s a series of great cookbooks with food ideas that aren’t too “cute”.

This should provide a little inspiration! Red foods are your friend on stuff like this, and meat is always an obvious choice.