New Old Halloween Die Cuts

Jen Die Cuts

If you’re a fan of vintage die cuts, you’ll probably go gaga over these guys: reissues of old Beistle die cuts.

I found these by accident and ordered them back in 2008. They’re being sold on a couple of sites but I can’t find anyone cheaper than

The first set is a reproduction of the Beistle embossed Halloween plaques. These 8 pieces were originally released in 1941 and the original stock number is No. 1109. They’re stunning.

Included is:

  • A witch riding her broom across a crescent moon
  • An owl perched on a branch in front of a full moon
  • The famous cat with top hat and monocle
  • An old witch in front of her rickety haunted house
  • The profile of a witch with sharp teeth and a wart on her nose in front of a full moon
  • A farmer looking pumpkin jack o lantern
  • A silhouetted black cat hissing at an evil-grinned jack o lantern atop a post while a jolly quarter moon looks on in the background
  • A jack o lantern smoking a corn cob pipe and wearing a derby


Simply put, these are absolute classic Halloween designs. These new are not embossed, of course, but they are double sided and about the same size, if not exactly the same size, as the original plaques.

The second set of Beistle cut outs come in a 4 pack.

This set includes:

  • A black cat yowling
  • A witch and moon looking in opposite directions
  • A toothy jack o lantern with round eyes
  • A little black cat sitting on a smiling crescent moon.


I don’t know the year or original number of these Beistle die cuts.

Enjoy them and let me know if you have any information on the second set of decorations, I couldn’t hit on anything about the original series.