2011 McDonald's Halloween Bucket Pail

McDonald’s 2011 Halloween Happy Meal Buckets

Jen Fast Food, McDonalds

Great news for all the fellow big kids out there who loved their Halloween pails from McDonald’s in the 1980’s, they’re back again for 2011!

Yup, McDonald’s has two new buckets to collect. These buckets are the same size as usual but feature stickers that make the faces. The buckets, one green with purple hair and a purple handle cat “mask”, the other purple with stripes and a black handle cat “mask” don’t have faces until you give them one with the provided stickers. Interesting!

2011 McDonald's Halloween Bucket Pail

2011 McDonald’s Halloween Pails

In 2010 the McDonald’s pails were Mr. Potato Head branded, so it will be interesting to me to see if 2012 brings more buckets and if they’re branded or generic.

Get them before they’re gone!