Halloween Yard Haunt goes LED

Jen Lighting

NOTE: You will want to check out my awesome LED vs. Incandescent writeup. I know nothing about lights so I put it all out there for anyone to understand, with lots of pictures! Thanks!

Guy and I were turned on to LED light bulbs last Halloween, but didn’t have the time or money to scoop any.

On any Halloween night, we use at least 15 incandescent lights, a few being the power sucking floods and most being those painted, 25 watt party lights.

Every year, we seem to lose a party light.  It’s really the one thing we can depend on year after year.  A colored light bulb is going to burn out. These lights are tested and used for 2 hours a year. Those that do seem to last have cracked and faded color.

Anyway, I shopped around and we ended up purchasing about $60 worth of LED light bulbs from http://www.dealextreme.com/.  For that much, we got:

01474 DX Multicolor 18-LED Light Bulb 110V x 6
01476 DX White 36-LED Light Bulb 110V x 3
05116 18-LED E27 Light Bulb 110V Green x 3
05136 18-LED E27 Light Bulb 110V Red x 3

So 15 bulbs for $60 actually comes out to a pretty good deal when you consider what a party light will cost.  (If you want all kinds of comparisons, including cost and color performance, please see my entry here:  LED or Incandescent? A Hands-On Comparison).  The E27 base is a typical base found in the US and fits in our outdoor plastic light stake fixtures just fine.


With this being my first year with these and all, we’ll see how they perform and hold up to the cold, and sometimes wet Euclid, Ohio halloweens.  We are super pleased with the color, especially the green.  Considering these are LED spotlights, not floodlights, the light throw is fantastic.


And the color changers are just so cool.  We’re going to use 1 or 2 on our aluminum christmas tree to make up for lack of a color wheel.  Pretty neat, huh?

Here’s a video of these bulbs in action uploaded by npdcrazypyro on youtube:

I also want to note that we ordered these on September 10th and received them October 6th.  Deal Extreme was very forthcoming with information and informed us early on that shipping would be delayed due to quality control checks.  They were actually shipped from Hong Kong on September 26th and tracking information was made available.  One light had cracks in the plastic but all 15 functioned just fine out of their boxes.