Centron Halloween Safety Videos!

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I just found these little gems on YouTube with a surprisingly low view count, and I can’t believe it. Don’t all of us Halloween-ies love everything that also happens to be any sort of vintage?

I think we’re slacking here, kiddos.

According to the original description these are from 1985 and were filmed in Lawrence, KS cialis 5mg pas cher. What you’re about to see is 2 videos spanning one “safety film” geared at covering all the Halloween bases… like don’t cut off your fingers carving a pumpkin, don’t run out into traffic in a pre-sugar saturated spastic fit and don’t eat funny looking candy.

It’s narrated by a grinning jack o’lantern but it still comes off as a bit of a bummer. That being said, totally worth watching, if for no other reason than snap shots of kick-ass old boxed costumes a plenty!

Halloween Safety Video Part 1

Of course, the reason you get all dressed up at Halloween is so you can have fun going trick or treating.

Halloween Safety Video Part 2

Of course… I gotta agree with the whole don’t eff up someones display/pumpkins. Punk kids.

Thanks to the original uploader vancefink!