Euclid Boo 2014

Jenna Wolford Experience

So Guy and I decided at around 5:00 PM on October 31, 2013, that 2014 would be a year free of Halloween. And well, we almost stuck to that. We still decked out the inside of the house and put out our blacklight glow stuff on the outside. A couple nights before we decided HEY WHAT THE HECK let’s set a few things up.

We did, and Guy got in costume and chased around kids. When my brother was done taking my niece around, he came over and got in on the scaring. It was really a LOT of fun, because we weren’t spending all week stressing and getting ready. It was a nice, relaxed pace. 2014-09-09 21.47.48 2014-09-09 21.47.59 2014-09-09 21.48.13 2014-09-09 21.48.26 2014-09-09 21.48.57 2014-09-09 21.49.15 2014-09-09 21.49.35 2014-10-30 02.35.20 2014-10-30 02.35.36 2014-10-30 02.36.06 2014-10-31 03.42.33So yeah… it was a good time and the kids and parents loved it, as usual!

My two favorite compliments of the night were, “Y’all are so creative, I never see the same thing twice!” and “You guys are doing Halloween the right way”. I totally get that.

Thanks, Euclid, and see you next year!