Carving Pumpkins: Pick out the Best & When to Carve!

Jenna Wolford How-To, Pumpkin Carving

It’s the second week of September, the summer temps are still lingering in the midwest, and everywhere I go the pumpkins are out in full force. Should you grab a pumpkin from a grocery store? Drive out to a farm to pick one? I don’t think it much matters, as long as you keep some tips in mind for picking out the best pumpkin you can (and you’ll pay a lot less for it at say Wal-Mart than out in farm country, and you’ll see a lot less Ugg boots, too.)

  • pumpkinsforsalePicking the pumpkin up, you should notice it feels HEAVY for its size.
  • Press all over including the bottom to make sure it’s firm, and there’s no give.
  • Make sure the color is consistent all over and avoid a pumpkin that has gashes or cuts. This can increase rot speed generic cialis 100.
  • Check to see that the stem is firmly attached. The greener the stem, the more recent the harvest.

A healthy pumpkin should be able to last a minimum of 8 weeks, uncarved. Storing the pumpkin outdoors is advisable, with an ideal temperature of 50 – 55 degrees.

So now you’ve got your pumpkin, when can you carve it?

At best, a carved up pumpkin, aka a Jack o Lantern, will only last about 5 to 10 days. There are many claims that you can slow the decaying process with white glue, bleach, spray acrylic, and vaseline. In an experiment done on with all these plus a commercial product called Pumpkin Fresh, the control and Pumpkin Fresh lasted longest. So the short answer? Leave your pumpkin alone, keep it in a temperate dry environment.