Absolutely, 100% FREE Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Jenna Wolford Pumpkin Carving

Below is a great list of pumpkin carving resources that I have found. All of these are free, no CC info, no liking on Facebook (unless you want to, you always were such a social butterfly), just click, print and get to carving!

List updated September 10. 2013.

Internet Meme y u no pumpkin stencil


Orange and Black Pumpkins
Garfield, Great Pumpkin, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Bane, Don Draper (!), House, kids, Trollface, Nyan Cat, Why U NO? and Forever Alone

Stoneykins Pumpkin Patterns
AC/DC, Bettie Page, Bono, Budweiser, Charles Manson, Jesus, A Clockwork Orange, Dexter, Harry Potter, Howard Stern, KISS, John Lennon, Mona Lisa, Beatles, Misfits

The Internet’s Premier Pumpkin Pattern Site
Traditional, classic jacks, movies, superheroes, sports, video games, words

DLTK’s pumpkin carving patterns
Aliens, Angry Birds, ghosts, cats, cartoons as well as classics

Martha Stewart Pumpkin Carving Free

Get your woodgrain on!

Martha Stewart Halloween pumpkin-carving patterns
Leaves, spiders, cats, many unique faces, words, Victorian and Gothic

The Pumpkin Wizard*
Traditional, cartoon, monsters, movies, tv, music, celebs, politicians, sports

Better Homes and Gardens free printable stencils
Traditional, designer, TXT, fall, cat, dog breed, paint accented

Disney Family Fun Pumpkin-Carving Ideas
Faces, animals, skeleton, evil fish, pumpkin on pumpkin

Celebratinghalloween.com free stencils
Faces, words, scene, Angry Birds, Transformers, fairies

Paper Pumpkins stencils
LOTS of faces, dog breeds, Japanese and cultural, tiki, snowflake

Extreme Pumpkins free stencils
Faces, Batman, Jason, Obama, McCain, Skellinton, flaming, Che, Satan, mummy

Colonial Williamsburg PumpkinsColonial Williamsburg themed pumpkin carving patterns
Windmill, Cresset, cannon, Washington, Jefferson, Capitol, Liberty or Death Gallows

Feeling particularly ambitious? Make your photo into a pumpkin carving stencil.

*These resources also offer paid options, but their selection of free was so good, they deserved a mention.