2004 General Foam Blow Mold Catalog

Jen Advertising, Blow Molds, General Foam

Nativity blow molds, life sized, traditional, and child.
Noel Candle, 34″ drummer boy, 32 candy canes, Caucasian and African American toy soldiers with black and white hats, red lamp post (also available in black)
30″ angel, holiday joy bear, 40″ dancing Santa, Santa with puppy, Caucasian and African American Santa Claus with candy cane.
Choir boy and girl, Christmas light toppers, 31″ snowman, family carolers, snowman with pipe.
Caucasian and African American Santa with teddy bear, Santa with sleigh and reindeer, 2 traditional Santa blow molds.
Elf at Santa’s mailbox, elf with candy cane, Santa’s workshop elf, snowman with broom, elf with presents.
Penguin blow mold with scarf, cartoonish reindeer, teddy bear with presents, penguin with igloo, white and brown blow mold bear cubs.
22″ Jr. Snowman, 18″ mini promo santa, snowman, and angle, 13″ elf, 22″ promotional caroler family, 39″ lit star, angle lit with miniature lights.
Easter blow molds! Duck wagon, Easter truck, bunny with cart, bunny wagon, Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit in 24″ and 34″.
12″ and 14″ blow mold Easter eggs, bunny baskets, 2 piece clear/colored Easter eggs, assorted Easter baskets.
Halloween blow molds! Scarecrow pumpkin, pumpkin totem, haystack pumpkin in orange, purple, and green, 3 ghosts rising out of a jack o lantern, pumpkin, ghost, skull, cat totem.
Trick or Treat tombstone with zombie, Skeleton with cane and top hat, Frankenstein Monster, Gargoyle, Dracula with cape.
Grinning Ghost, melting ghoul candle, Alien with ray gun, Purple witch, ghost with pumpkin and neon yellow/purple jack o lantern scarecrow.
Jack o lantern pails in black, purple, pink, yellow, green, and orange. Slim pumpkin/jack o lantern blow mold.
Black plastic cauldrons, skull, monster and ghost pail, pumpkin pails, ghosts, skull, cat pail.