1990 Life Savers Witch Bucket

1990 Life Savers Orange Witch Bucket

Jenna Wolford Blow Molds, Misc/Unmarked

I have a growing collection of plastic Halloween pals. It started out with Bayshore plastics and McDonald’s Halloween pails but now seems to be taking up another cause: Branded plastic candy containers.

I have already, in part, covered the 1989/1990 Mars containers that include a Snicker Ghost, 3 Musketeers Goblin and Milky Way Jack O Lantern. Today, I received a plastic trick or treat pail that is from the same generation, a 1990 LifeSavers candy pail with a green witch sticker.

This is snazzy because I don’t recall seeing this, ever. Chances are, it was very near to the Mars containers above, but the Mars containers not only looked much more appealing, they were also filled with better candy.

I did a quick eBay investigation (Internet Gumshoe) and there were only 2 variants of this bucket, and it wasn’t in the plastic. The renderings of the witch changed, probably 1990, then 1991.

I have to guess that this baby is 1990. Does anyone remember this? Were there more in the series? I like to think that this witch pail was CHOCK FULL of Life Savers and weighed like, 26 pounds.

Marked Planters Lifesaver company 1990.

1990 Life Savers Witch Bucket

1990 Life Savers Witch Bucket